Data Protection Notice

About Us

TII was established following the statutory merger of the National Roads Authority and the Railway Procurement Agency under the Roads Act 2015.  Our main address is Parkgate Business Centre, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8, D08 DK10, Ireland.

TII is registered as a data controller with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (Registration Number 2577/A).

Personal Data Held by TII

TII holds the following categories of personal data in the context of providing services to the public and fulfilling its statutory duties:

  • Correspondence - TII receives correspondence from a wide range of sources including local authorities, general public and elected representatives which may include personal data. This includes correspondence received by way of post, electronic mail, social media channels and fax messages.  In addition, TII receives Freedom of Information, Access to Information on the Environment and Subject Access Requests which may include personal data.
  • Submissions - TII also holds information / public submissions received in the course of Public Consultation, Environmental Impact Statement and Compulsory Purchase Order preparation in relation to national roads and light rail.
  • Road Safety - Auditor Data - TII maintains a register of individuals authorised and registering to act as Road Safety Auditors. This includes personal contact data, and any qualifications and work experience that are relevant to road safety audit.
  • Road Safety – Accident Data - TII may be provided with information in relation to accidents that occur on the national road network in connection with the operation and maintenance of such roads, and has limited and restricted access to the collision records within the An Garda Síochána Pulse System to determine whether there is an engineering response required to a collision.
  • Service Providers – TII holds personal data in relation to the staff of its service providers and companies that have tendered for the supply of services to TII.
  • Land Use Planning - TII holds names and addresses associated with planning applications.
  • Land/Property  - TII holds names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, land ownership details, Book of Reference for light rail schemes, leases/tenancy agreement details of tenants for properties in the ownership of TII and CPO schedules for national road schemes where land acquisition is undertaken directly by TII.
  • EFlow Tolling – TII, through a third party, operates a Toll Site on the M50. As part of this service customer data is held relating to vehicle ownership details, bank account/credit card/debit card details of toll account holders and similar records, along with vehicle image capture and customer telephone call recordings.  We also hold data in relation to our toll enforcement operations, which are carried out through a third party.
  • Luas Light Rail System - TII holds personal data received from the operator of the Luas light rail system in connection with TII’s oversight of the operator (e.g. details of complaints).  TII also holds names and email addresses collected in connection with the operation of competitions on Luas branded social media pages and personal data is used in connection with marketing to Luas customers in accordance with the preferences they have expressed.
  • Commercial Licensing - TII holds personal data associated with individual licences granted for commercial activities, e.g. where properties are owned and rented out by TII for use as kiosks, etc.
  • CCTV – TII operates a number of CCTV systems that record images from the national road network.  These CCTV systems are operated to assist with traffic monitoring and may be used for enforcement by An Garda Síochána (e.g. the operation of average speed cameras), monitoring of road weather conditions, security of infrastructure, and dealing with queries and complaints from the public.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) - TII holds encrypted records of vehicle number plates from the ANPR network (principally on the M1, M2, M3, M4, M7, M11 and M50) for the purpose of determining journey times.
  • Emergency Roadside Telephones - TII operates Emergency Roadside Telephones along all sections of the motorway network.  These phones ring through to a central emergency centre in the Motorway Traffic Control Centre and the calls are recorded.
  • Standards Subscription Data - TII operates a website that provides a service to members of the public to subscribe for updates to documents relating to road design and maintenance standards. Email addresses only are held.
  • Traffic Alert Subscriptions – TII, through a third party, operates a website and smart phone app that provides a service to members of the public to subscribe for smart phone alerts relating to traffic delays and weather conditions on specific routes.  Basic details such as name and email address are held.
  • External User Data – TII maintains a register of authorised users of TII information systems. Access to these systems is required by individuals and organisations to transact with TII.
  • TII Conferences/Seminars - TII holds personal data in relation to those who wish to be kept informed of TII conferences/seminars/initiatives.

What We Use Personal Data For

TII processes personal data in order to:

  • Provide and maintain infrastructure and services in connection with the national road network and light rail infrastructure in accordance with TII’s statutory obligations;
  • Receive services from third party service providers;
  • Respond to queries and complaints from members of the public; and
  • Comply with its statutory obligations.

Disclosure of Personal Data

We may share personal data with third parties in certain circumstances:

  • We may share personal data with service providers and sub-contractors who assist us with the operation of aspects of our services and functions.  For example, if we receive a complaint in relation to the Luas or the eFlow toll system, we may forward a copy of the complaint to the companies who operate these services on our behalf.
  • If we are under a duty to disclose or share personal data in order to comply with any legal obligation, or to protect the rights, property or safety of TII, our customers, or others.
  • If we are permitted to do so by applicable law.

Your Access and Amendment Rights

Under the Acts you have the right to access personal data we hold about you and to correct any inaccuracies in such data.  If you wish to avail of any of these rights, you can submit a written request (known under the Acts as a Data Subject Access Request).  You may, if you wish, use this form.

Data Subject Access Requests may be made to TII either by email or by post:

  • By post to:

Data Protection Request,

Data Protection Officer,

Transport Infrastructure Ireland,

Parkgate Business Centre,

Parkgate Street,

Dublin 8,

D08 DK10.

A Subject Access Request should be clearly marked ‘Private & Confidential’ and should be accompanied by payment of the €6.35 fee that TII is permitted to apply under the Acts.  If you make your request by email, please ensure that you provide payment of the €6.35 fee as soon as possible after submitting your request.

Data Protection Officer

The TII Data Protection Officer is:

A. O’Shaughnessy,

Transport Infrastructure Ireland,

Parkgate Business Centre,

Parkgate Street,

Dublin 8,

D08 DK10.

Tel: +353 1 646 3600


Contact Us

Any questions or comments regarding this privacy notice should be addressed to or for the attention of the Data Protection Officer at Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Parkgate Business Centre, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8, D08 DK10, Ireland.