eFlow Information

eFlow - Barrier Free Tolling on the M50

What's it all about?

eFlow is the Barrier-Free Tolling system in operation on Dublin's M50 Motorway since 30th August 2008. The pre-existing toll plaza was removed and replaced with a Barrier-Free electronic toll system. eFlow means no more queuing and searching for coins at the toll plaza.

What section of the M50 is tolled?

Barrier-Free Tolling operates on the same section of the M50 as the old West-Link toll plaza. Vehicles using the section of the M50 between Junction 6 (N3 Blanchardstown) and Junction 7 (N4 Lucan) will have to pay the toll.

How does it work?

Barrier-Free Tolling is achieved by an electronic toll collection system. The electronic toll system records trips by detecting an electronic tag (for those vehicles equipped with an electronic tag) or in the case of vehicles without tags, the toll system records the vehicle's number plate. An electronic tag is a small device about the size of a credit card which is mounted on the windscreen of the vehicle.

How do you pay? There are 3 ways to pay.

  1. Tag Account Option - Register for an electronic tag with eFlow or register with any authorised tag supplier (see www.etoll.ie for details). Tag equipped vehicles will be charged the lowest toll per vehicle class. Please note that tag accounts are subject to administration charges.
  2. Video Account Option - If you do not want an electronic tag account, register for a video (number plate) account with eFlow.
  3. Unregistered - M50 users who choose not to register can opt to 'pay as you go' and must pay the toll by 8pm on the day following their journey. Unregistered users can pay online (www.eflow.ie), by phone (LoCall 1890 50 10 50) or through Payzone branded outlets nationwide. Just look for the Payzone sign.

How can you register?

You can register for an eFlow electronic tag (€1.23 per month administration fee) or you can register for an eFlow video account (no administration fee). Registration can be done either online at www.eflow.ie or through the dedicated call centre (LoCall 1890 50 10 50). To register you will be asked to provide vehicle details and payment details.

To register log on to www.eflow.ie or LoCall 1890 50 10 50.

What happens if you don't pay?

For unregistered users, if you don't pay your toll by 8pm on the day following your journey, an additional penalty of €3 will be added to the outstanding toll amount. If you fail to pay the toll and the initial €3 penalty within the next 14 days, a further penalty of €41.00 will be levied. Failure to pay the full amount due within a further 56 days will result in an additional €103.00 penalty being applied. Thereafter legal proceedings will be initiated.

Will my eFlow tag work on other toll plazas?

Yes, you will be able to use your eFlow tag to pay your tolls electronically at toll plazas nationwide. eFlow video accounts are applicable to the M50 only. Customers of other authorised tag suppliers can use their tags on the M50 also.

For more information go to www.eflow.ie or LoCall 1890 50 10 50

M50 Toll Charges

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